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333 Collective is a private membership community of "third act" women aged 50+.  They come together to share their passions, navigate transitions, elevate their lives… to learn, try and do new things… to connect on a meaningful level…and to inspire and be inspired in this beautiful phase of our lives.

As a member of 333, you can access our network of members from near and far, experience an exciting selection of both online and in-person gatherings each week, choose from joining fascinating Special Interest Groups hosted by other members sharing their passions and expertise, such as:  Travel, Entrepreneurship, Designing your "third act", Resilience, Wellness, a Film Club and a Cooking Club.. You can even host your own events and groups.

333 members are creating the most exciting chapter of their lives.

What's next for you?  The waiting is over. This is your time.

333 is your place if you're looking to…

-  Connect…collaborate and create new friendships with like-minded, curious, "third act" women.

Reimagine, reinvent, recalibrate and reignite your "one wild and precious life" for your third act… 

-  Explore…your life's unlimited possibilities and ways to make a difference in the world.

Embrace change.  Learn, try and do new things.  Be inspired by women from near and far, who share your excitement about this time of our lives.

-  Expand…the joy, meaning, experiences and pure enjoyment in your life. 

Be inspired to start or grow a passionate venture, leave your job or shift your career, create art and new relationships, join a board, write a book, try a new way or new place to live…travel…wonder…. 

Create your most true and beautiful life.

-  Create…the life you truly desire. 

Share your passions, talents and stories to support and inspire others. Align in inventive collaborations as you reinvent the future…together.

Membership benefits

-  A Network of like-minded "third act" women from around the world as well as your own back yard.  You'll get a Personal Profile Page and lots of ways to interact within the 333 network.

-  A front row seat at our Member Monthlies Speakers Series; a range of experts share interactive talks on meaningful and energizing topics.

-  333 Members Events — Choose from several weekly scheduled Zoom Conversations, Workshops around a wide range of topics.  As we grow and members are in clusters near each other we'll gather for in-person events— to go hiking, to a museum, or come together to hear a special speaker and socialize with each other.  333 will host some and you can set up your own!

-  Access to join any of the Special Interest Groups hosted by other 333 Members sharing their passions and leading inspiring conversations.  You can even start your own… .Current groups are about: personal introspection and discovering what's next for you, building your resilience muscle, starting your own business, learning about EFT Tapping, finding time for "me-time", getting into a writing routine to write your book, travel adventures, cooking, leadership and inter-generational relationships.  

-  Access to Bi-Weekly Midday Meet-ups.  Social Zoom calls to connect with other Members, share what you're doing, share ideas, and be inspired by each other!

-  Use of the 333 Platform to host your own Groups and Events.  If you'd like to put on your own Event or start a special interest Group of your own,  just let us know what you'd like to do and we'll help you get started. 

-  333 Member Discounts and Early-Access to all Third Act Quest events, workshops, retreats and travel experiences. Members will be given first notice and 333 member discounts for our annual Third Act Quest Stories "Live" event, the Living Forward Workshops, Retreats & Travel experiences.

- Our Free Two Month Trial gives you a chance to see if 333 is right for you. You will be notified before your card is billed.  You can cancel anytime. 


-  My life’s so busy — why is “333” something that I should add to it?

We created 333 as a sort of antidote to the overwhelm we feel in our lives — emails, social media, and so many responsibilities with our jobs and our families. 333 is a safe, private, ad-free, drama-free space where women can find true connection. 

All of our members lead busy, active lives — and find 333 to be a beautiful alternative to social media.  They feel that it has become both a grounding and expanding part of their days — keeping them uplifted and excited about life.

-  Why is it called 333 Collective?

3 is considered to be a magic number.
With three 3's, the magic can be exponential!

According to numerologists, seeing the number 333 indicates that despite your fears, anxieties, mislaid plans or past wrong turns, you're on the right path!
You have to love that!

-  Why is it called a "Collective" instead of a "Community" 

Communities are about people coming together to create something bigger than themselves.  Collectives, on the other hand, are designed to provide individual agency and for individual benefit.

The 333 Collective was specifically created to be a place where our members can each share their passions and expertise, collaborate, learn from and be inspired by each other. 

-  How does the Two-Month Trial Membership work?

When you click to join the 333 Collective for your trial period, you will input your name, email address as well as your credit card information.  Your credit card will NOT be charged until the two month period is over & you will receive several reminder emails prior to your card being charged.  You can cancel at any time. 

Note:  you will see two options for your membership fee — a monthly or an annual.  The annual fee is discounted.

-  What are the other members like?  Is this mainly for women who have retired?

Our "333" members are women in their 50's, 60's and 70's who want to elevate their lives and are excited to create lives of joy and meaning for their "third act."  They are open, inspiring and love to engage with and support each other…

-  Some have transitioned from a long-term career to start new passionate ventures.

-  Some are recent empty-nesters, exploring ways new ways to live, love, work and serve in the years ahead.

-  Others are full-on in their careers, just starting to envision making shifts and changes in the near future.

-  They come from your own backyard and all around the world.  

"333" members are entrepreneurs, leaders, career women, mothers, daughters, sisters….artists, innovators, coaches, writers, explorers, teachers and students of life….

They have replaced the word "retire" with other "r" words such as:  "reinvent" "reignite", "reimagine", "revel, "reveal", "relocate", "recreate", "revamp", "recalibrate", "relish" …

-  Do you offer a Scholarship program for 333 Collective membership?

Thanks for asking.  We do!

Starting in June, for each new paying member, we will offer one member scholarship.  It's sort of like a "buy one, give one" approach.

If you are interested in applying for a membership scholarship, email me at [email protected] and share why you'd like to be a part of the 333 Collective and why you are interested in a scholarship.

Be sure to put "333 Scholarship" in the subject line.